Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Love Is a Dog from Hell..

..but it certainly seems that some would beg to differ from Bukowski's somewhat cynical sentiments as we kick off a new decade of decadence. The first couple of things that I drew for people this year were both straight from the heart, leaving me with a warm feeling in my chest.. and an urge to balance things out by drawing some more skulls as soon as I can!

Seriously though, I'm sure that those of us who are 'in it' won't need reminding that love is a beautiful thing indeed, and I was happy to help spread a bit of it around this month.

What's even lovelier is that the first thing that I put pen to paper for this year was especially for a member of my 'faaahmily' (have I been living in the East End too long?).. After seeing some of my work over Christmas, my uncle/Godfather Terry asked me to design his wedding invitations for him. Here's the front..


Next up, I was contacted by a guy called Matt who wanted to buy a signed Slow Club print off me for his girlfriend. I'd already sold the print to another guy called Matt a few days before, so the new Matt just thought 'Chuff this' and commissioned me to do a poster of his very own instead..


So roll up and get your 'Faux' Club portraits here. The perfect gift for any occasion!

I featured loads of stuff in the picture that Matt and his 'Girlf' are into (Can you name the tune that the lyrics around the oval are from?.. The answer's HERE) and I even repainted their cat as part of a 'murial' I was doing last week in Sheffield's all new Syd & Mallory's Boutique.. I'll post summat about all that when I get some photos.

Oh, and here's the portrait alongside the Slow Club poster it was based on..


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  1. Awwww thank you for the truly super picture you did for Matt for me Tom! I totally love your style, I will treasure it forever!

    I'm also thrilled that Bruce the cat has finally made it in the world of fashion hehehe!

    Love Kate x