Thursday, 3 February 2011

A Decorative Teet-Owl

I'd say that it's relatively well known throughout the high-end cracker joke community that the most commonly spotted owl in British kitchens is the slightly damp 'Teet-Owl', but another one that might rear its fully rotatable head from time to time is the 'Partially Constructed Cardboard Muji Owl'.

Someone bought me one of these little flat-packed fellas a couple of years ago and, being as I'm one of those 'arty farty types', I decided that I'd decorate each individual cardboard piece with a cross-hatched basket weave pattern (which I'd first got into churning out circa 2000) before slotting in place and abandoning halfway through..


Anyway, I thought I'd take pity on the poor guy as he's been gathering dust for a while and it might be fair to say that he'll perhaps never realize his full potential as a fully-constructed thing. Whatever the future may hold for him, here's a bit of time for him to shine in all his decorated cardboard glory.

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