Thursday, 6 January 2011

Word to Mother


First post of the new decade this, int' it.. I've managed to shake off the festive funk and get back to the drawing board on a few things, but I'll kick off on here by posting some images that I did way back in the Noughties, which didn't quite make it up here at their time of creation for one reason or another.

This one was a picture that I drew for my Mum's birthday which was on the 19th of December. Festive birthdays are often overshadowed a bit by ol' J.C's which is on the 25th (Boxing Day Eve) so it's always good to put the Chrimbo shenanigans to one side for the day and celebrate the birth of my Mum.

After not yet hearing owt back from @anikainvada and @jetfury since I Tweet-bothered 'em to have a look at the Anika poster template and 'Big Up To (Geoff) Barrow' post I did a few weeks ago, it was great to get a bit of positive feedback for my scribblings from 'Ma Dukes'!

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