Saturday, 8 January 2011

Five Leaves Left

As I continue with catching up on posting some stuff that I drew last year, here's a two-tone quintet of folklore inspired drawings that I produced for ΓΌber style site, WGSN in July 2010.

The collection (which for the past six months has only been available to see on WGSN's subscription only webshack) features my hand-drawn reworkings of some famous folk story favorites, such as The Owl & The Pussycat and The Billy Goats Gruff, along with the odd twisted tribal totem or two, and a nod to the legendary John Martyn, who once sang summat like this...

Seven roses appear in my sight
Shining like black stars in the night
And around them, drops of diamond water float
While between them, on his horse
My friend the devil rode.

'Love Boat'



'Weasel Gummidge'


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