Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

More Heebie Jeebie related shenanigans all up in here now.. The other day Del Hardin-Hoyle (who supplies the Bootsy-frequencies to the Hot Boy Trio's compositions) brought my attention to this delicious burger n' flag combo, which someone recently drew up to promote the London-based band, Colours..

..We both agreed that it seemed to bare more than a passing resemblance to another burger n' flag doodle, which I knocked up as a Heebie Jeebies t-shirt design this time last year..

Of course this could quite easily be a burger-based, illustrative co-inky-dink, but even if the new burger's artist was 'inspired' by the Jeebie Burger tee, I don't think there'll be any real cause for any beef. I'm actually pretty chuffed that something I've drawn has been deemed worthy enough to 'homage'... Anyways, I certainly can't claim to have never been influenced by something else that I've seen. It's all fair game int' it.. Stick your flag in the nearest un-conquered burger bun and fly it high!

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