Thursday, 9 September 2010

Words n' Pictures

I've done some more drawings for Dead Young Records' gigs at Oporto in Leeds over the past few months. The ones for The Insect Guide and Mirrors were designed, laid-out and coloured n' what-not by Alex Warren, with me just providing the doodles to drop in place, but the latest one for We//Are//Animal and my mates The Heebie Jeebies is all my own work.. with fancy, hand-drawn words and a whacky backdrop of colour and the lot.

I took some technicolored inspiration from The Heebie Jeebies' in-house design team, Blame Television, so props to them for making 'FAR-OUT' pictures that look nice... Oh, and why not send yourself on a wee cyber-shopping trip after you've read this and pick up The Heebies' new downloadable single, 'Misery Guts' from iTunes or or loads of other online record shacks.. Ch-ching.

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