Friday, 13 August 2010


My culinary themed 'Hollow Legs' exhibition, which has been cluttering up the walls of LCB Brick Lane for the past month or so, came down the other day. Here are a few photographs that I managed to scrape together from some people that were kind enough to take them.

The decorative plates that featured in the show were in an earlier post HERE, and the exhibition also featured some screen prints that I'm gonna post pictures of on here soon, but this is the first time I've had some decent snaps of the paintings I did on wooden boards and the drawings I did on mirrors. There're also a couple of shots of the T-shirts I released for the show with the help of the LCB crew. They're almost sold out now, but there might be a few left if you get down to their Brick Lane or Camden store soonish.

The opening night title board

Me and the plates

LCB x Tom J. Newell Artist Series T-shirts


..n' Pepper

Hand-painted Skateboards
'Meate & Potatoes' and 'Chicken & Chips'

'Macaroni Cheese'

'American Beanburger'

'Bangers n' Mash'

'Broccoli Bake'

'Quesadilla & Chips'

'Strawberries & Cream'

'Ice Cream Sundae'

'Donuts (for J Dilla)'

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