Saturday, 14 August 2010

Carl's Arm

Even though my exhibition at LCB Brick Lane is over, you might still see some of my work exhibited there on my friend Carl's arm. He works at the skateshop and he asked me to draw a skull n' crossbones design for him that he could take to a real life 'tattooer-ist' to get inked in. So, seeing as Carl is an ex-Cowling & Wilcox work buddy and a founding member of The Mobile City Generals (a part-time skiffle band that we're both in), I said.. 'Yeah'.

This is the first proper tattoo that I've designed too, so thanks to Carl for giving me the opportunity.. 'Thanks Carl.'

The exhibition on his arm will be around for as long as he has an arm and will be on display to the public whenever he wears a t-shirt or rolls up his sleeve.


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