Sunday, 21 February 2010

Bullions of Blue Blistering Barnacles

This is another 'illy-stray-shun' what I done for Dazed & Confused Magazine. This month's mixtape was whacked onto a metaphorical C60 by the West London based sample shuffler, Bullion. You can see it in the March issue which hit the shelves the day after Valentine's Day.. that's why it's all pink and chocolaty with a touch o' the Blues.

P.S.. After posting the stuff above this sentence about Bullion yesterday, I picked up his Pet Sounds/Jay Dee mash-up on vinyl from Rough Trade East... and it's proper good! I've been listening to loads of both Dilla and The Beachie Boys recently, so when I stumbled across this record I'm happy to say that my initial apprehension of it being another post-Grey Album musical sound clash that didn't quite work, soon gave way to a genuine appreciation of Bullion's subtle and sympathetic compositions after I heard the album.

Have yourself a listen to one of the songs here that I just found on YouTube.. Dilla-Dilla, Mix-Mix..

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