Tuesday, 9 February 2010

When The Ship Goes Down

Look at these sur-weet prints that the nice folk at Archipelago Gallery just knocked up..

There's the shiny silver one, which is so shiny that the photo's not come out too great, but looks super chromed-out 'n' crisp in real life..

..and then there's this 'Blue Meanie' with the snazzy blue fade-up that I must thank Archipelago's in house printer person Josh Bedford for. When the silver ink ran dry Josh got busy with the blues, and I think these prints ended up looking particularly awesome. If you click on Josh's name a few sentences back you can watch him throwing himself about on his BMX, which he's pretty good at too.

There are just seven of each of these signed and numbered prints available from Archipelago for fiddy-pound-a-pop I believe. They'll frame it up for you for a good price too if you want, which will probably look a lot better than my grubby little mitts clinging to the sides.

I've given this image a good rinsing out over the past few months, what with it being featured on some shopping bags and as a free poster in Now Then magazine, so I promise that this will be the last time that The Good Ship floats out!

If you are interested in snapping up one of these souvenirs of its final voyage, then give Rupert a cyber-shout at..


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