Wednesday, 24 February 2010

All Big Letters But It Isn't No Acronym

DOOM!.. I bought tickets that I couldn't really afford for The Super Villain's first UK appearance as soon as they hit the virtual shop, and when no official gig poster emerged for the show I set about bothering the event organizers Sonar, and eventually DOOM's label Lex to see if I could produce something for them. The nice folk at Lex said that if I knocked something up and sent it to them, they would forward it on to DOOM's people and perhaps His people would contact my people (me) and that maybe it might end up being used in some way, but not to be offended if it didn't as there's a lot of industry red tape to snip through in matters like these.

Anyway, I haven't heard anything yet but I thought I'd post this currently un-official poster for the 'Taste of Sonar' event, where I'll be head-nodding to the sounds of Daniel Dumile's alter ego (or his stunt double!) next week.. Click it up big and see if you can pick out all the nerdy references to all His characters and projects that I snook into the patterns on the mask.

After pestering Metal-Face, I was actually invited to do this poster for the awesome home-made instrument tinkerer, Thomas Truax.. or at least a bit of it anyway. Designer Alex Warren has been producing a nice series of images for Dead Young's shows at Oporto in Leeds, with simple layouts, bold colours and one main central image. Dead Young asked me to provide the image for this one that I dropped into Alex's template and colour scheme, and I think it came out looking pretty fancy, with more than a nod to Charles Burns and a shiny-quiffed, zombified Truax shouting into his 'Hornicator' that twists round and turns out to be him.. Infinity and snakes eating their tails n' all that jazz, yeah?

Oh, and my old pals The Heebie Jeebies are on the bill too.. sweet!

'When the East is in the house'.. My mate's band The Great Eastern are gonna play a few shows at The Grapes in Sheffield, so here's the first of a series of posters that I'll be doing for them. They'll be different colours and will each feature a different animal wearing a hat in the steam cloud. I've got a few posters going on where I switch the colour schemes around at the moment, and as well as being a handy corner to cut for a time saving technique, I do generally have an urge to see the same image in a different set of colours.. I think this stems from the later releases of Street Fighter II where small sparks of joy were often attained from simply seeing a character in a different coloured set of pee-jays.

..and here's another one I did recently for Dead Young Records, who've got their Blues buddies Mojo 57 to host a monthly shindig at The Angel's Share in Chapel Allerton.

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