Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Moshi Peas

I've just done a couple of things for Moshi Moshi Records and to maximize the chance of people who might not have seen my work before stumbling upon them through use of a search engine, I'm afraid that I'm gonna have to type all of the information and bands involved in the posters out here, even though it's probably quite clearly visible to those of you who have already found your way here. You can just read this stuff straight off the poster itself, so I apologize if the next few sentences are incredibly boring for you... and that the last few sentences which explained all of this probably were too.

Anyway the poster above is having a fair old crack at promoting Moshi Moshi's Official SXSW Showcase, which is taking place at Latitude 30 in Austin chuffin' Texas. The bands peddling their musical wares at that-there shindig are Slow Club, The Wave Pictures, Still Flyin', Best Fwends, Cate Le Bon, and Uninhabitable Mansions.

I'd love to get over to the SXSW festival one of these days, but this weird looking eagle-dude getting himself blu-tacked about the place will be the closest I get for now.. May he fly strong and true.

This next one is an advertisement of sorts to promote the release of a compilation of artists who've been part of Moshi's Singles Club over the past few years. I thought I'd play on the word 'club' for this one and depict everyone involved as part of this imaginary Motorcycle Club, all decked out in leathers and what have you. There's no shortage of folks on it and it took me a fair while to do. Click on the image to have a closer look at everyone if you like.

Kate Nash, Florence And The Machine, Slow Club, The Drums, Friendly Fires, Cocknbullkid, Lykke Li, The Wave Pictures, Kindness, Samuel And The Dragon, Dananananaykroyd, Summer Camp, Matt And Kim, James Yuill, Fanfarlo, and Late Of The Pier.... They're all on there.

Moshi said the ad might be popping up in the music press in the coming weeks, so that'll be nice. Apparently it might even find its way into a publication called NME (which I think used to be called Smash Hits - Chortle!)

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