Saturday, 26 September 2009

T-Shirt McGirt

These two chuffers are gonna be whacked onto some t-shirts in a few days. I was trying to keep 'em on the down low until they got printed, but I'm really pleased with how they came out and I couldn't wait to show 'em off on the bloggety blog. I'm not even actually sure if anyone is even reading this or looking at these pictures anyway (I'm not exactly Kanye West Twitterin' about what's currently grindin' his gears), but I'm pretty excited about getting my first proper t-shirts out there that's f'shizzle.

The first one is being released by my mate Lord Bunn's Sheffield based t-shirt company 'Royal Stock'. It'll be part of a new range that they are releasing featuring designs by various Sheffield affiliated doodlers. They'll be available in a few shops up there for sure and maybe in some other places too. You could probably get one off the website if you really wanted I think.

The second little doozie is a big ol' JeebieBurger that I did for Hot Club De Paris' new favourite band (and my current house guests while they're down playing a few London gigs).. The Heebie Jeebies. They're getting a few printed up to take out on their upcoming Slow Club support tour tha' knows, so if you fancy one of them you best get to one of their shows and hang about the merch stall.

Dunno why I'm going off like there's any kind of huge anticipation for these shirts getting released. Maybe no chuffer even gives a wiggy-what, but I'm lookin' forward to rockin' 'em anyway! Maybe it's not the done thing to rock a t-shirt with your own drawings on, but I could always pretend like I didn't do 'em and lie if anyone asked me. I've asked for them to be printed as big as the shirts will take anyway, so they should look pretty sweet. I'll post some photos and links and stuff about them as soon as they come out. Gizza shout and let me know what you think if you want..


  1. Nice work Tom!
    I did a design for Bunn recently too but must admit yours looks better you git haha. Spotted your stuff in Dazed too which was a nice surprise.
    Just putting out a comic called 'Moronoid' with a few creator pals and happy to mail you one if you let me know a good place to send it. Your mate Nick works in Red Tape doesn't he? I work half the week in the workstation so this would be an easy drop-off if so.

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