Sunday, 27 September 2009

Are 'Friends' Acooooustic?!

I love this song.. and I'm becoming increasingly aware that the general vibe of this blog is 'me, me, me', which I'm not entirely comfortable with, so I'm going to make a distinct effort in the bloggin' future to give props to some stuff that I didn't have owt to do with, but perhaps have some sort of roundabout connection to in some way.

My claim to fame concerning this video (and the awesome album of trad-folk psyche-covers that it's off) is that I know the guy who's shaking the can of couscous.. (so good they named it twice) ..and who plays drums n' that on the album.

Paul is a real life Scouser just like my mum. Although he's 'Straight Outta Garston' I met him in Sheffield where he now resides, and I saw him play in some of Sheff's more interesting bands like Hot Snack and Meat For a Dark Day a few years ago. We got pissed up together a few times and chatted about Can and Kool Keith.

Any-hoo, this post's for him and I'll be trying to post a few other bits n' bobs in the future of amazing stuff made by my mates (or people that I kind of know) to break up the monotony of me mouthing off about myself and my little drawings.

'Chased was I round the island, like a doe with a hound behind'

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  1. gracias amigo, am gonna burst yr bubble on the ol tin cans. i made that shaker up in the sahdow onf the garston gastank when i was 18, its a small kidney bean tin and a bigger beaked bean tin full of --- lentils. this beast has been on tour all over the shop and featured on 3 singles and 3 lp's. i can never find anything that sounds just as good. big up yer blog and all who sail in her!