Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Joys of Snail-Mail

I got an email the other day from a guy called Gareth Thomas who'd read about my comic in +1 magazine. He really wanted to get a copy of Pictorial Showboat, but he's based somewhere in North Wales so didn't really know how to get his hands on one. I said that I've got a few copies at FACT in Liverpool which is kind of his neck o' the woods or there abouts, or alternatively he could sellotape three quid to a bit of paper, send it to me along with an S.A.E and I'd post him a comic, a badge and a nice little drawing as a note of thanks.

I'm so glad he chose the latter option, as when I opened the envelope that I got in the post yesterday and saw those three golden nuggets carefully stuck down to a bit of paper I got such a warm feeling of nostalgia that I thought I'd pissed myself.. I hadn't, but the general vibe of the whole thing just took me back to the simpler times of doing stuff like joining The Dennis the Menace Fan Club (and Gnasher's 'Fang' Club), sending off for free skate stickers from R.A.D magazine and basically just the feeling of absolute joy I got as a kid when I received something through the post that had my address written on it in my own handwriting!

So anyway, here's a big THANKS to Gareth for taking the time to get in touch with me and for sending me the cash. I'm absolutely skint at the moment, so I'm gonna take it out to the shop now and get summat to eat! If anyone else is having trouble finding a comic out there in the real world then send me an email, I'll send you my address and we'll kick it old school from there with stamps and envelopes n' all that good stuff. It's as eazy as S.A.E!

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