Sunday, 5 July 2009

Scouse Stockist

Pictorial Showboat's metaphorical (and actual) voyage continues, as the illustrated vessel pulls in to The Albert Dock, crawls out of the water where Fred's map used to be, then skips up the road and places itself on sale in FACT : The Foundation for Art and Creative Design, perhaps its most high-brow mooring yet.

So (thanks to my mate Venya, who incidentally is part of the ground-breaking event organisers Kazimier 22) my comic has hit the shelves of Liverpool and I'm one more coloured pin closer to world domination on the strategic, Showboat battle plan map.  

I'll update the original 'Stockists' post below to include the Scouse addition too.. 

I was trying to think of an amusing title to this post to describe the event of a new comic becoming available in the historic city of Liverpool; a clever cultural reference or an hilarious pun... As you can see I was somewhat unsuccessful, but whilst thinking about Liverpool and comics I hazily remembered the character 'Scouse Mouse' and his mates 'The Scallywags'. I can't remember too much about this comic and apparently neither can anybody else 'cos this image is the single fruit of my Google search for the Liverpudlian rodent.


  1. I have 29 scouse mouse episodes - should I scan them in and post them as I cant seem to find anything else (except this) of him! -George

  2. Yeah, do it! Scouse Mouse needs more of an online presence! I found this online, but nothing else. All my Scouse Mouse comics are long gone, sadly.