Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Iz There Was

Just seen this near Brick Lane. It's a dedication piece to IZ THE WIZ who passed away the other week. There were a few flamboyant (and some just straight up odd) characters who appeared in Style Wars (a tape which along with 'Mouse' was on heavy rotation on my VCR back int' day) but Iz always came across as a real down to earth, nice bloke who was just doing his thing. His passing , along with the equally legendary Dondi White a few years back, really highlights the fact that the incredibly creative period, documented in Subway Art and Style Wars, is sinking deeper and deeper into history. Let's never forget that these kids from New York pretty much influenced the whole world with their art, and their pockets probably never got as fat as the more business minded vultures who sold out Hip-Hop culture to the masses.. 

R.I.P.. Children of the Grave (again)

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