Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Newell Pigeon

..p-p-p-pick up this paper from a pile of other papers that look exactly like it near some hastily stacked flyers in the kind of establishment that hastily stacks flyers next to piles of free music papers .. oh, it's free.. Take two then if you want..

issue 22 cover image
..then flick through the pages, perhaps pausing briefly to read every single word thoroughly, and you may, just may, chance upon this.. (at the bottom left hand corner of page 12)

.. then, as you continue to appreciate this exquisitely compiled and fabulously well written musical journal, flick straight to the Funnies section and you may be lucky enough to bare witness to this.. (above the wordsearch on page 63)

.. alternatively, you could just see both of my small contributions to this month's Stool Pigeon here with your eyes, but it's just not the same is it?.. This is the third issue I've had work featured in and it is undoubtedly 'always a pleasure, never a chore'.. It's one of the best publications money can't buy and is consistently a 'jolly good read'.. especially last month's feature on (MF) DOOM (Who I'll soon be praising the awesomeness of in an upcoming post) so I suppose now would be an adequate time to raise a glass and provide a link to 'The Stool Pigeon'.

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