Friday, 16 September 2011



I had a couple of last minute gig poster jobs with quick turnarounds last week, and I discovered that  the Tattoo Flash sheet that I did recently is a perfect source of incidental images that can be adapted to suit panicked promotor predicaments such as these.

The Messi image above is the front of a flyer for a Santa Cruz endorsed night that is starting up on Friday 23rd September at The 333 on Old Street. As well as producing some artwork (with a big ol' nod to the legendary Jim Phillips) for the night, I'll be dusting off my f-fr-fresh crossfader fingers and playing a DJ set which might see me sneak some Beefheart and Sabbath tunes amongst a classic '90s Hip-Hop set built from Biggie and Tribe and probably THIS, too.

You can also see the Three Blind Wolves poster HERE in my Gig Posters album, alongside a growing collection of stuff I've done for Dead Young Records, Leeds.   


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