Friday, 15 July 2011

The Showband, The Mob & The Totem Homecoming


Busy, busy, busy next week.. My old band, The Carol-Anne Showband are reuniting for a couple of gigs up in Sheffield. The first one will be at Bungalows & Bears on Thursday the 21st of July (see the poster that I doodled up for that one above) and for the second gig, we'll be supporting the mighty Mayor McCa as part of the Sheffield Tramlines festival at The Old House on Saturday the 23rd of July.

I can't chuffing wait play with my old pals again. I used to sing, play drums and toot on the mouth organ with The Showband. Shaun (who played guitar and helped me out with the wailing) moved to Taiwan to teach kids how to talk like Jimmy Nail a few years ago, but he's back in the UK for a few weeks and we hastily organized a couple of days in a practice room and these gigs in Sheffield with the help of our pals up there.

Here's us (circa 2007) in a photograph taken by our friend Nicholas Newman..


..Left to right there's Simon, Shaun, me and Saul. We played a shit load of shows between about 2005 and 2008.. In 2007 we toured Europe in a blue transit van. We all got shitty, drunken tattoos of the van, 'Stinky Blue' while we were staying in Marseille. That's the weird squiggle thing you can see in the middle of the new poster.

Here's a couple of old songs of ours you can listen to through the magic of Soundcloud..

In other news, I'll be shooting down to Bristol in between those two gigs for a live drawing event with my new band of brothers from different mothers, The Dead Sea Mob.

Here's the poster that Godmachine smashed out for that..


..Basically, it's gonna be awesome, but if you want more details than that then check the facebook event page by clicking on this link..

AND, if all that wasn't enough, the Totem Pole I painted on for Inkygoodness is returning home from being exhibited in Berlin, and will be exhibited again at The Custard Factory in Birmingham alongside its Character Totem buddies which were painted on by loads of other amazing artists in a show that kicks off at 6pm on Thursday the 21st of July.. Sadly, I won't be able to make it down to that as I've got all the other stuff I just mentioned going on, but if you're down in Brum check it out. Here's a link to the facebook event page for that..

If there's anyone left reading this EPIC blogpost, here's another look at the fancy gif I made of the Totem.. (There's more on the Totem from when I first blogged about it HERE.) Toodlepip!


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