Friday, 13 May 2011

Now n' Then


I've just finished this t-shirt design for Sheffield mag, Now Then.. They're gonna print this up along with another design by Michael Latimer and they'll be flogging a limited run for very affordable prices very soon.

Now Then's a great magazine who've always supported the stuff I've done so it was great to be able to do this for 'em.. I was the monthly guest artist for them back in September '09 and you can read my blog post from back then and see the cover illustration I did, HERE.

I tried to reference the cover in the new drawing with this character who's got something growing out of his head.. This time it's an artichoke. There're also some bits of ginger roots knocking about his siamese-twin-head, and there's a nod to a bit of the nautical stuff I've been churning out with The Dead Sea Mob, as he's cramming a somewhat distraught shark into both of his mouths.

I'll try n' blog up some photos of what me and The Mob got up to in our last gallery show up in Whitley Bay soon.. Until then you can see some snaps HERE, and you can see some straight up imagery of mine (without all these waffling words) on my new tumblr page...

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