Sunday, 6 September 2009

How Soon is Now.. Then?

Ok, so I haven’t managed to get my face ‘up in The Source’ or ‘on the cover of The Rolling Stone’ yet, but thanks to the fine folk at Sheffield’s ‘rate good’ Now Then magazine, my humble doodles have once again found themselves clogging up the pages of another reputable and extremely accommodating publication!

If you do happen to dwell up in the city of ‘Raekwon the Sheff’ then you’ll probably know that you can pick up this consistently flashy lookin’ rag in the usual hot-spots for f-fr-free, and that it’s a jolly ol’ mix of local news, reviews and poetic to-doos, interspersed with the wonderful wares of a monthly guest artist… Praise indeed and credit where credit is undoubtedly due to their hard working, in-house designer, Matt Jones, who really brings out the best in the visuals and gives up loads of room (not to mention the right honourable front-cover spot) throughout the mag to all his featured artists.. including me.

Ta very much to Matt and to everyone else at Now Then for biggin’ me up and allowing me to big myself up so much in an issue that I’m proud to have graced the pages of.

In the caffeine-fuelled online interview that’s featured in there, I sure did clock up the word count and I suppose it’s my own rambling fault that the original document had to be edited down to squeeze its way onto the pages. Anyway, if the interview loses coherence at any point or if I just generally come across as a bit of a dick in any way, then the fact that my words were trimmed down a wee bit will be my valid excuse to fall back on! I must also stress in a somewhat pernickety way that in the original document that I sent out, I distinctly remember typing out the name of one of my all time favourite MCs in ALL CAPS. I would never typingly taint the name of DOOM by dropping it down to lower case… Hmmkay, so now that that’s all cleared up, for all y’all that don’t chilly chills amongst the seven hills of Sheffield, you can download the issue right… here … check out the scene and fill your screen with a virtual magazine that’s absolutely riddled with my drawings n’ that yeah?

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