Saturday, 19 September 2009

Fancy Pants

Well I never.. I've only gone and got some drawings featured in a major league, considerably more flashier than thou, fashion rag!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had been commissioned by Dazed to do a couple of illustrations for them, but it wasn't until I flicked through the latest issue, saw 'em all up in print and got moaned at for browsing in a newsagent that I really believed it myself. Anyway, it's true, so go and pick one up and browse at it long enough to see my wares (but not so long that you need to be reminded that you're 'not in a bloody library')

Alternatively, you can just look at them here.. on the screen. There's one I did of a crazy millionaire who was jailed for stealing pages out of old books in the British Library. I did it like a mugshot with good and bad conscience book characters popping up either side of the bloke's head, and his mugshot number card thingy features the Dewey Decimal Code for the particular topic that he was fond of half-inching. I used to work in a library so I'm pretty down with the ol' D.D.C from all the re-shelving I had to do. I don't know all there is to know about it though so I nipped down to Hackney Library and got some help from a helpful librarian who helped me.

The other one I did was for the Mixtape feature, which has always been one of my favourite bits of Dazed. Back in the days when Mixtapes actually roamed the earth freely, the illustrations to this section were done so that you could cut them out and fit them into a tape box, but these days music is an invisible entity.. so they just asked me to do it square.

The band 'Monotonix' who compiled the imaginary tape are pretty awesome though. I saw them a few months ago and they thrash out Garage-Rock whilst sporting impressive moustaches and setting fire to their drumkit and stuff. They put the tape together around the theme of mental illness so I drew them wearing straight jackets in a padded room.. oh and they've smeared the names of the bands from the compilation on the walls with their own shit.

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