Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My Head is My Only House Unless it Rains


I drew up a design for a belt a few months back that's getting printed up and released next year by LOWLIFE. I'll post more about that nearer the time, but yesterday I pieced together the above portrait from a couple of other drawings that I'd already done.. (Proper corner cutting stuff) which will be used for a profile about me on their website when the belt comes out.

Whilst pottering about on the computer, I also found the time to finally tweak the logo I did for my mate Joel's music-blog, which I've been meaning to do for yonks. I drew the logo for him a few months back when the site was all set on being a 'Dot-Com'.. It has since found its home at a very respectable 'Dot-Co-Dot-UK' address (hence the need for the tweakage) and you should all check out the music news and exclusive stuff it has to offer by clicking the link which I'll provide in the form of an amusing word after this sentence. PARP!


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