Thursday, 25 November 2010


I've got a few drawings on the go at the moment that are officially 'under wraps'.. I'm doing some illustrations for subscription only, style-site WGSN that I'm contractually obliged to not show a peep of on here for about six months, and I've just finished a couple of pieces for a show called 'Never Judge..' that's gonna take place at Stolen Space, London in a couple of weeks. I'll post more about that soon 'cos if you've checked out the link and SEEN the line-up of artists, you'll probably notice a few big hitters in there, so it's set to be a good show that I'd like to thank Kid Acne for getting me involved in.

Anyway, I'm doodling today and for some reason I'm now also doing the odd bit of 'Twittering', but I've managed to spare a bit of time to waste on a bit of mindless Photoshoppery..

Whilst enjoying the twinkling sounds of the Vince Guaraldi Trio's 'A Boy Named Charlie Brown' shakedown, I noticed that Biggie's 'Ready to Die' had a similar cover art vibe, so I knocked up this little visual mash-up of the two just for the sheer chuff of it. I could've probably had a go at mucking around with the reflection of the central image if I was boshed enough about it, but it appears that I wasn't, so I didn't.

I am thoroughly boshed about listening to the Charlie Brown album though. It's a jolly nice soundtrack to a bit of doodletime and I'd love to dig it up on vinyl.. The CD's pretty nice though. I borrowed it off a mate at work and it's got that 'Compact Disc' logo and blurb on the back from back when CDs had to explain to the public what they were.

'Heads' will probably know that Dilla sampled a small section of the 'Fly Me To The Moon' track that's on there for The Pharcyde's 'Splattitorium', and people whose knees hurt in the winter might remember the 'Linus and Lucy' track from Pat Duffy's Second Hand Smoke section.

Right, that's enough time wasted on time wasting. If there is anyone actually reading any of this then do swing by again soon for more details of the Stolen Space show.. Ping!

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