Friday, 5 November 2010

Book 'Em Down

..A few weeks ago this book hit the shelves in loads of the major book-pushing shops, and I'm pretty chuffed to have my very own page all up in there.

The Art of British Rock: 50 Years of Rock Posters, Flyers and Handbills by Mike Evans.. is a vibrant collection of some great promotional visuals, which have helped to define Britain's popular music scene from Rock 'n' Roll standards through psychedelic inventiveness and onto all the various D.I.Y movements that alternative music has spawned along the way.

The book is really nicely compiled, and along with the stuff by Hipgnosis, Roger Dean, Jamie Reid and all the other recognizable stalwarts of the genre, it's good to see some lesser known and sometimes surprising visual additions (none more surprising than my own humble offerings) amongst the usual Rock history wallpaper.

I'm honored to be page neighbors with some of the mind-blowing work that Drew Millward has churned out, too.. Turns out Mr. Millward is a thoroughly top bloke who contacted me recently about the possibility of working on some stuff together in the future, which was nice.

T'was also really good to see loads of Kate Moross' stuff featured in there. We did some mail-swapsies a while back, when she was kind enough to send me a pink mini-Sharpie and a 7" that she'd just released on her label, after I sent her a copy of my Pictorial Showboat comic.

So anyway, have a look out for this "booky-wook" (I just read somewhere that it's probably a good thing Russell Brand didn't open his own bank), and have yourself a flick through to page 191 or something like that.. you could even buy it if you like, it's proper swish coffee table fodder. Don't worry, I'm not on commission or anything, but I met the publishers the other day and they seemed really nice. I even bought a copy for my old man's birthday and he was chuffed to bits with it, like.. Especially when I bookmarked my page with a "Look Pa, made it into the pages of Rock history!" note.

..Not exactly Rick Griffin yet, but it'll do me.

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