Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Space In Between..

.. I'm currently squeezing in as much work as I can in between working weekends at an art shop in Shoreditch.

Dazed contacted me yesterday and I'm gonna start work on a new Mixtape illustration for them in a few minutes, but before then I just wanna bring the Blog up to date and post the stuff that I did last week..

This is a logo that I drew for Lulu that she's gonna use to promote her new bunting business venture. Lulu is Charles (from Slow Club)'s sister, and she contacted me with the tornado concept that her and Charles had come up with to see if I'd be up for translating it to paper.. I was, so I did and she's gonna screen print it onto some fabric soon to hang behind her bunting stall that's gonna be set up at some Northern vintage clothes markets in the coming months. I'll post a photo or two of the banner up here soon, and I also want to fully endorse 'Lulu Bunting' as thee premier bunting stall catering for all your bunting needs..

Last week also saw me mark the occasion of producing posters for Dead Young Records' gigs at The Angel's Share in Leeds for a whole year, by producing a poster for the sequel to their Halloween event 'The Witches Brew', which was the first proper poster that I did for them a year ago. 'The Witches Brew II' is billed as 'The Mummy of All Sequels' so I drew the Witch characters from last year's poster shooting off on their broomsticks and using their magical brew to awaken a big ol' Mummy head which (conveniently) has all the details of the gig displayed on its bandages. You can see last year's poster by clicking on this link.. if you want.

Finally, for last week's round-up I'll quickly mention that I did a little interview for an upcoming free Liverpool magazine that I don't know too much about yet. They're gonna print a bit of my comic and a few of my gig posters and plug the 'fact' that my comic's for sale up there in FACT. I also used the opportunity to give a shout-out to my friends at The Kazimier and all of my Scouse family, so I'll post more about that when it comes out.. Oh, and The Heebie Jeebies swung by Clapton Pond on a quick break from their tour supporting Slow Club the other day and gave me a real-life, f-fr-fresh t-shirt featuring the 'JeebieBurger' that I designed for them t'other week!.. The first proper printed t-shirt with one of my doodles all up on it.

Here's a photo of me (with the Ultimate Warrior's face Photoshopped onto mine) wearing the sweet-T..

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