Sunday, 28 June 2009

The Stockists

Yes, 'Pictorial Showboat' has made port in several shops around the country and is available to buy if you would like to buy it. This is basic consumerism, but this is no average product..

You can purchase this monumental publication for about three quid at the following places..



(in the Market Hall)

(Rutland Road, West Bars)

(a pub on Whitt Moor or looking round the Flea Market on Thursdays)



(in The Forum)

(also in The Forum)

(Devonshire Green)

(Nether Edge)



(Market Street)



(Central Road, behind House of Fraser)



(Wood Street)



(Sclater Street, off Brick Lane)

(Club Row, off Bethnal Green Road)

(Neal's Yard, Covent Garden)


That's it for now like, but this list is gonna hopefully keep on growing, and if you're in the position to help it grow by selling the comic yourself in your awesome shop, market stall or car boot then get in touch with me at.. .. yeah?

Also, you could get in touch with me at the very same email address if you cannot possibly get to any of the above mentioned outlets, and will actually die if you do not get yourself one of these comics for chuff's sake.. and I'll just post you one or summat.

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