Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Record Store Deity

I try to have as many Record Shop/Store Days as I can throughout the year, but I do think it's a positive step to recognise the importance of independent record shops on one specific day on an annual basis. 

This year's official 'Record Store Day' takes place on Saturday 20th April 2013. I've contributed work to the Secret 7" show. I'll post more about that once the secret's out, but follow the link, see if you can spot my sleeves, and try and get along to the show on Saturday if you're in the Shoreditch area.

I'm also releasing a limited run of prints, which will be available to buy on Saturday from a couple of record shops in Sheffield and from one in Manchester.

The 'Record Shop Monolith' is a mystical totem, which brings good fortune to intrepid crate diggers. It is an A3 digital print on recycled grey board, and I've hand-painted each print with white detailing, signature, date, and edition number. This is an edition of 25 prints, which initially will only be available for £20 each on Saturday 20th April onwards from the specific record shops that are stocking them. 

There will be 10 of the prints available from 'Eastern Bloc' in Manchester as part of a R.S.D group art show alongside work from Point 273, Tasha Whittle, and Mr. Scruff.

There will be 10 of the prints available from 'Record Collector' in Sheffield as part of their R.S.D event, which also includes a live performance from The Crookes.  

And there will also be 5 of the prints available from my favourite shop in Sheffield, 'Rare & Racy'. The chaps there are too laid back for the whole R.S.D thing, but I always take every chance I get to support this amazing place, and I urge you all to pop in on Saturday and buy a record.

..As with all three of these shops on Saturday, you should go and buy a record.. if you've got a bit of spare cash after that then buy another record. Somewhere along the line you could consider one of these prints, but just support the shops. Sorry to those of you that would like one of these prints who can't make it to one of these shops. If there are any left after a week or so I'll put them up in my online shop.

Oh yeah, in honour of the three most popular record sizes, numbers 7, 10, and 12 from the print edition have coloured eyes. There'll be one of the super limited coloured-eye variants in each of the three shops so if you get down there early you can ask about one of those if you like.

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