Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Dead Sea Mob is Dead..


It’s probably fairly obvious now after nearly six months of inactivity, but the Dead Sea Mob is dead! First and foremost we want to say thank you to all involved with the Mob’s activities, much of what was achieved would not have been possible without you. From the guest artists, to the wonderful guys at Parliament of Feathers for all their screen-printing services, and Posca for supplying us with many, many pens! We did some fantastic shows and got to support some amazing causes like Sea Shepherd. We hope that our paths will cross again soon. Thanks to everyone who supported us during The Mob’s brief voyage.

Secondly we would like to say that The Mob came to a natural end due to individual artist’s commitments, and that we will all continue to work together on future projects! If anyone has any orders placed from the DSM store that were not fulfilled, please email us directly as opposed to through any DSM social sites or email. Unfortunately, due to the DSM not being an artist run collective, we have now been locked out of all of these and are unable to respond through these means. We will try and help resolve any issues ourselves if you need to contact us.

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who supported The DSM along the way. We hope to see you all soon!

Big thanks to Parliament of Feathers, Skinner, Godmachine, Dirtyface, Mr Gauky, Ollie Munden, Harry Draws, Pete Fowler, Andy Council, Gavin Strange, Posca Pens, Guy McKinley, Eight Bit, Michael Shantz, Kraken Rum, Lord Whitney, Clutter, Cult PR, Pure Gallery, Cult PR, Magnum Opus, Green Door Store, King Of Paint, Sea Sheperd and 55DSL.

Tom Hovey, Drew Millward, Dan Mumford, and Tom J Newell.


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