Friday, 15 October 2010

Juke Joints

Here're some pictures that I just drew for JUKE magazine. Give 'em a click to get a closer look if you like.. Some of them featured in the second issue that's just been released, and some of them were made up into some pretty snazzy looking t-shirts by Oki-Ni which were given away at the launch party for the second issue the other night.

The three characters in the middle image are Lil' Wayne, Kid Rock and Mariah Carey. This illustration accompanied an article all about the wacky shit that these starlets request in their backstage riders.

The self portrait (of me) features on the contributor's page in the mag, where a few of us were asked who our secret muso crush was. I confessed that I was pretty into that girl out of 2 Unlimited back int' day, but I could probably guess what her answer would've been.. This answer (which was also the main lyric to the band's hit single 'No Limit') is repeated in a decorative pattern between the red rings circling my head in the picture.

1 comment:

  1. ...HOLY SH!T...!!!

    The top one blows me away...(and I watched the No Limits video late at night last week on tv...Anita is FI-I-INE! Got me wonderin' what she looks like nowadays...)