Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Mo' Hollow Legs

Yes, I've gone and got myself a proper arty-fart show down here in the East End thanks to the kindly folk at LCB Surf-Shack n' rocket-fuel coffee emporium!.. which you can find at the top of Brick Lane on Bethnal Green Road, innit.

I'll be showing all the stuff that featured in the Sheffield 'leg' of the show, as well as some new additions which I've been busy preparing: A pair of hand-painted blank decks that are lookin' pretty swell if I do or don't say so myself (and I do - These decorative skateyboards are rolling with the culinary theme of the show, pitching themselves as 'meals on wheels'.. or walls if you buy one and don't fancy scratching it up), a dozen tiny canvases featuring some golden skull-faced eggs (which I'll be flogging for half a dozen pounds each, then bringing out a silver and bronze set if they get snapped up), and a special LCB-produced t-shirt, which should look something like this mocked-up version after it becomes a limited number of real versions and returns from the printers..

The opening night will feature musical stylings from a host of disc-jockeys, and they'll be beers for you all to sip while you scratch your chin and nod in approval at my humble doodlings.

I am also hoping to see more red dots knocking about than the outro to Biggie Smalls' 'Warning' (which would only need to be three, so I'm not aiming too high.), as I'll be putting an opening night only 10% discount on all the work in the show..

Anyway, enough about me, here's some more about.. me, in the form of the truth-stretching, trumpet-blowing 'blurb', which was released about the show and recently featured in the online bloggings of Huck magazine and Cooler magazine.. They're both pretty cool magazines, but thanks to their informative titles, I think it's fairly obvious which one is Cooler.

..Yeah, here's that blurb then..

"L.C.B is proud to present an exhibition by the London-based illustrator and comicbook artist Tom J. Newell.

After graduating as a conceptual artist from Sheffield Hallam University, Tom Newell regained his interest in drawing cartoons and began producing gig posters, record sleeves and eventually his very own comic entitled ‘Pictorial Showboat’. It was around this time that he adopted the use of his middle initial, after discovering that the domain name ‘tomnewell.com’ was the property of a gentleman who had once caught a lobster and had decided to use the site to display a photo of himself holding up the creature in triumph.

tomjnewell.com’ is now the ever expanding home to a stream of illustrations inspired by musical subcultures, skateboarding, and everything else that’s any good. The distribution of Pictorial Showboat has brought Tom critical acclaim from ‘some bloke in the pub who said it was alright’ and ‘this other guy who really liked it’. This kind of exposure has brought his work to a wider audience, and he has since produced artwork for John Richmond and Moshi Moshi Records, and has been a regular contributor to Dazed & Confused Magazine. He has provided beautifully hand-drawn gig posters for (MF) DOOM, Daniel Johnston, and Jeffrey Lewis, and a selection of his screen prints were recently exhibited alongside Kid Acne and The Designers Republic in his native Sheffield.

Tom’s culinary-themed ‘Hollow Legs’ exhibition was also originally shown in Sheffield, but now LCB are hosting a new expanded version of the show, featuring all the original work (including a highly respected series of decorative plates) alongside new artworks on skateboards and painted directly in-store, and the first in a continuing series of exclusive guest artist signature LCB t-shirts.

The opening night of the show will feature live music and Disc Jockeys, and will be your first chance to buy any of the work on display, as well as Tom’s comics, mixtapes and the brand-spanking new, freshly printed t-shirts."


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