Thursday, 27 May 2010


..I finished two new decorative plates yesterday, which will be exhibited alongside works from an impressive list of creative contributors at The Riverside pub in Sheffield next week..

SEND: An Art & Illustration Exhibition at The Riverside, Sheffield

The exhibition, which has been put together by No Culture Icons, will open to the public with cake and pleasantries at 2pm on Monday the 31st of May.

I bubble-wrapped my humble crockery contributions (who are called Keith and Frank), sent them on their way, and apparently they both arrived safely into Sheffield today. I got a couple of poorly-lit photos of 'the lads' before they left, but I won't be posting them up here 'til after the show opens, so if you want to see what they look like any time soon I suggest you jog on down to the opening festivities.. You're bound to see some quality artwork by some pretty big-hitters on the Sheffield scene, as well as some great stuff by the folk from further-a-field.. I'm well into George Mitchell's work, so I'm looking forward to seeing that, me.

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