Friday, 29 January 2010

Now Serving Coleslaw and Pink Pickles

..and so, here's another visual installment of my illustration work for Dazed & Confused's Mixtape feature, which I'll continue to do as long as they'll have me I suppose! The February issue is out now and includes this drawing I did of Yeasayer's Chris Keating eating a horse's head.

Hopefully nobody will be too offended or horrified by the somewhat gruesome nature of this imaginary scene. I practice the often misunderstood art of Vegetarianism myself, so I won't be consuming the heads of any horses in this fashion, no matter how hungry I get.. Well, perhaps if I was starving and it was the only thing left in the fridge.

Chris's meal was constructed to illustrate the fact that, due to an unfortunate riding incident, he enjoys tucking into the odd bit of horse-meat when the opportunity arrises. You can read about it in the accompanying text if you chance upon a copy. He also runs through his choices of horse-related songs, which include the one that inspired the title of the mixtape, Toby Keith & Willie Nelson's 'Beer For My Horses'.

Yeasayer are a really interesting band, so it was great to be able to work on this one. I took the colour scheme from their 'Ambling Alp' single cover, and dressed the horse-eater up in the white jacket/black shirt combo he wore for his Byrne-esque performance on Jools Holland, which I'll provide a link to HERE.

Oh, and that's the cover of 'Ambling Alp' that I was on about... F-Fr-Fresh colours n' that.

Here's the issue of Dazed to look out for if you happen to have any interest at all in any of this. It probably won't appear with tiny versions of itself scattered around it on the newsagent's shelf though, so you're probably best just looking out for the middle bit of this picture.

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