Thursday, 14 January 2010


Here's a poster design I did for a New Year's Eve party that, because of an unforeseen problem with the venue, I don't think ever actually ended up happening.. The whole thing was pretty last minute. I was contacted by some people from Dazed & Confused who were organizing the shindig to say they needed a quick turnaround on a promotional image, and I ended up drawing most of it sat in St. Pancras station waiting to get my train back home for christmas. Anyway, I'll probably be producing something for them for a future event at some time in the near future, but this unused 'Death of the Naughties' poster was my final piece of work from that ridiculously named decade..

I dread to think what the media's deemed fit to call this next set o'ten yizzles, but whatever they're going by, I'm kickin' 'em off with a picture I did for my French friend's new band Jimi Was Gain .. It's for their debut CD, which I'll post more about when I get my hands on a finished copy..

..In other news, which I'll go into more detail about in upcoming Blog posts, I've been proper busy painting a big 'Murial' in a place called The Chimney House in Sheffield, and the Archipelago gallery (also up in Sheffield) have just knocked up some f-fr-fresh new prints of mine, which will be available to buy off their website soon I think.. Happy Twenty-Tenty!

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