Wednesday, 2 September 2009

One Love

Pick up this free magazine while you still can. Due to the Crunch de la Credit, or something heavy like that, this is the last issue of the consistently good +1 mag that you're gonna be able to pick up. Originally an offshoot of the similarly recently deceased Document Skate mag, +1 was always ingrained with a certain skateboard sensibility and it covered stuff with a neat aesthetic flair and an intelligence with enough steez to keep it real n' that. Surely a generous amount of liquor deserves to be spilled onto the nearest curb whilst you're on your way out to find yourself a copy or download yourself a virtual copy from here.

Oh yeah, and I'm in it too! Ha! Got myself a sweet bit of exposure with an interview I did about my comic. As well as being magnetized to my mum and dad's fridge (probably) the article is also on display in the window of Lik + Neon (just off Brick Lane) where the comic's for sale, so big thanks to them too!

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