Monday, 3 August 2009

Big Up Y'Self

Wooden Bolts have been kickin' out the odd jam here n' there lately. We played at The Lexington and The Slaughtered Lamb down here in the capital last week before heading up North to Leeds and playing at a little festival, where I saw Zak Dingle in the chuffing crowd, and then supporting The Heebie Jeebies on the Leeds leg of their single release tour in front of an awesomely awesome, sparkly Jeebies back drop that was stitched together by my sister.

Oh, and then I read a review of Pictorial Showboat on a blog by Craig Johnson from Nottingham's amazing comic shop Page 45, which not only bigged up my comic but also bigged up The Bolts too! Here's what it sez tha' knows..

'..Another batch of new finds next month including PICTORIAL SHOWBOAT # 1 by Tom J. Newell. (...) Brilliant composition, superb sense of space and he knows instinctively how to balance his blacks. Truly a rare find which had me gushing in praise when I ordered it after receiving our generously supplied sample copy. And there will be more about that either above or next month, but rarely has a live performance of music new to me made me sit up and notice anyone as much as this same man's Wooden Bolts' track recorded for Balcony TV.'

Cheers Craig and 'Go Bolts!'

Pictorial Showboat gets another pat on its back from fellow blogger Cat Hufton on her blog here. The piece features one of two online interviews I did the other week (check me out!).. t'other one was for the brilliant Document offshoot magazine +1, which'll be out soon I think and no doubt I'll be shouting about it on here as soon as it drops anyways.

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