Tuesday, 28 July 2009

In the Bag!

I won!.. A couple of posts below this one you'll see my entry for the Sheffield Bag Art Competition. This was an event where people picked up a plain shopper from participating establishments and handed them back all decked out fancy 'n that. As I walked the plank of 'The Good Ship' a few months back, I entered my bag through the post with the help of the lovely Emma from The Old Sweet Shop. All the bags were auctioned off to raise up the funds to print the winning design properly and sell it around Sheffield to encourage folk to give a big thumbs down to 'placcy-bags' and a big nautical thumb up to a re-useable fabric bag sporting my design!

I really didn't expect to win this thing so the only copy of the drawing was the one that I drew straight onto the bag, which was auctioned off for eight whole pounds.. Anyway, I redrew the design using the photo that I'd taken below and the finished, printed products should look something like the picture that accompanies this post.. oh, except not with a black background. I did this one especially for the blog 'cos it looks nice, but the bag will have a bag for the background which is just as sweet.

So any-hoo, if you're up in Sheff look out for the bags that'll be coming soon to all the quality, independent shops up there.

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