Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Blog of Eternal Stench.

Breathe it in.. my first post!

There's a few things happening with my artwork and stuff at the moment and, as I don't have a chuffin' clue how to update my website, I'm gonna be posting said happenings up on this here Blog so I can blow my metaphorical trumpet and y'all can listen.

Speaking of not having a chuffin' clue how to update my website, I'll take this Bloggortunity to thank the mighty Matty Matt Matt for putting  together. He is a pal and computer boffin of the highest calibre, and when he's not punching tickets at Sheffield's Showroom Cinema, he'll be riding the twisted musical airwaves on his Jumpers Session radio show or generally doing other nice things.

I drew him this picture to advertise the show a few months ago..

..and he's been beavering away on the ol' dot com in return.. and now this Blog is linked to the website, the website will soon be linked to this Blog, and everything will be in perfect harmony.

Right, that's it. First post posted. It's Blog, Blog, it's better than bad, it's good.


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