Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Been Dazed & Confused For So Long It's Not True

My first comic 'Pictorial Showboat - Issue 1' has been making its way in the big, wide world. I posted a copy to the Dazed & Confused office and, after hearing nothing back from them, it wasn't until my weekly 'Googling myself' session that I was pleasantly surprised to find.. THIS.

For those of you who have no intention of ever clicking on the last word of the previous paragraph, but still want to know (more than anything in the whole world) what the big 'Hoo-Har' is that prompted this post, either reconsider your somewhat hasty decision not to click on the clickable link or read on.

(For those of you who did click on the clickable link, and are dumbfounded as to why anyone wouldn't just click on such a link to investigate its content, please disregard anything else featured in this post after the aforementioned link.)

Yes, the powers that be at Dazed & Confused magazine have acknowledged the existence of my humble publication. They Twittered about reading the Biggie Smalls strip and then posted a photo of the comic and the accompanying drawing that I sent to them as a blog on their Dazed Digital site. The post also called for more comic artists to come forward for an upcoming feature in the magazine. Watch this space.. or any space in a future issue of Dazed & Confused which looks as though it may be related to the mighty Pictorial Showboat, yeah? 

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  1. righty then page 45 here tapes cometh ready or not!