Monday, 29 June 2009

Toast: The Foundation for a Bright and Musical Future

'Everything on Toast' is a record label that's just firing itself up and is about to release its first release in the form of an awesome 7" and download from the equally awesome, Sheffield based, hot boy trio The Heebie Jeebies.

The label's been put together by my mate (and fellow Wooden Bolt..'Go Bolts!') Danny and his mate Chris (who's now my mate, yeah?) and.. me (just when you thought I'd eased off on the narcissism and actually posted something that wasn't related to me, my comic or my nose goblin collection) .. but I can't big myself up too much on this occasion as, with all the corporate shenanigans involved in releasing records, this is of course 'all about the music'.. except in the case I think it actually is.
The Heebies are so frickin' hot right now, and I've been pushing for them to get 'on toast' since Danny first announced he was putting folk 'on toast'. Their upcoming release for EOT 'In Silence' was recorded by Toddla T collaborator, drummer for Jarvis Cocker, and just plain old mate of the Heebies, Ross Orton.. and most importantly it sounds like a good old fashioned three piece band thrashing out a tight sound with pumped bass, rhythms straight outta Paul Simon's Graceland and a Panda-Pop poet fronting the party.

But don't just glance at my carefully assembled collection of buzz-words in hope of getting a grasp of the rockin' vibe of the label or this band. Get yer sen involved and click on the links and all that crazy stuff like. The Heebie Fucking Jeebies are gonna be touring like chuffers when the record's pressed to spread the joy of their musical power and shift some units, so keep an eye on their MySpace and the other eye fixed directly into the heart of the sun.

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